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The Teacher Resource Unit is designed for the study of each chapter of the novel. Each chapter has a theme which becomes a part of the whole story. The unit addresses the History K – 6 Syllabus by focusing on assignments, discussion topics, activities and excursion suggestions for students to explore the time of 1849 in many ways. Being a novel, students are able to identify with the characters in the story, the members of the community in which they live and social expectations of that time. Day-to-day activities, crafts and communications are featured.

Geography is also addressed in the fields of travel from England to Australia – past and present, cultural diversity and environmental matters. The Wodi Wodi and Gundungurra tribes of Berrima are featured. Irish immigration and convict treatment is addressed. In historical or geographical studies, contrasts can be found in every area.

Podcasts are available to students who wish to delve further into Bunty’s life up to early 1850. The subjects covered in these are:
• Celebrating Harvest Festival, Mothering Sunday and the Queen’s Birthday
• Bunty discovers yabbies, Bunty finds a prized horse, a treasure hunt in the bush
• Bunty and the bushrangers, rescuing Pussles, snake attack
• Bunty gets into trouble, a house fire, a Christmas blessing
• Celebrating New Year’s Day, Pandora gets married.


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