These stories were inspired by a child who wanted to know “What happens next?” after reading the book about Bunty. They follow the seasons and show life as Bunty would have seen it in 1849, finishing in 1850, just before the Gold Rush changed many people’s lives in Australia.

At the height of the Gold Rush, Berrima’s population was approximately 600, but as the new railway became a more comfortable and convenient way to travel, less people traveled along the Great South Road. The town’s population declined in number as new towns were established along the rail route. Inns stopped trading and finally, in 1909, only one, the Surveyor General Hotel, stayed open. It may not have survived had not the main road, re-named the Hume Highway, kept travelers moving along it, needing to stop, rest and eat.

Berrima’s fortunes have waxed and waned over the years but Berrima is now a bustling, vibrant village of approximately 600 people again. Local residents and tourists alike are drawn to Berrima’s charms and with every season there is plenty to enjoy.


Story 1 – Harvest Festival – a tale about some rats, some twins, a wanderer and a missing pie.
This story is about a homeless person visiting Berrima at Harvest Festival time and some surprising events that happen.

Story 2 – Mothering Sunday.
Bunty, Pandora and Sam make presents and give them to Mama on Mothering Sunday

Story 3 – Queen’s Birthday Celebrations. 
The patriotic people of Berrima celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday.



Story 1 – Bunty finds something new.
Bunty loves to explore the bushland around her town. On this occasion she discovers a new creature

Story 2 – Bunty and Bold Bess
A beautiful pedigree horse has gone missing and a large reward is posted. Will Bunty find Bold Bess?

Story 3 – A treasure hunt in the bush
A robbery has occurred in Berrima and Bunty and her friends try to find the stolen money. This leads to an unexpected event that is life threatening for Bunty!



Story 1 – Bunty and the bush rangers
Mama and Bunty take the coach north to help a friend and on the way, they meet with a very dangerous situation!

Story 2 – Rescuing ‘Pussles’.
One little boy, one little cat and one big problem!

Story 3 – Snake attack!
Sam has a nasty surprise at work!



Story 1 – Bunty gets into trouble
Bunty learns a big lesson about gossiping in this story

Story 2 – A devastating house fire!
Neighbours need help when their home catches on fire

Story 3 – A Christmas Blessing.
It is nearly Christmas and little Peter has wandered off alone and gone missing. Will he be found safe?



A memorable event

New Year’s Day is a time for celebration in Berrima. Soon after, there is more cause for celebration in the town, especially for the Bailey family.





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