Bunty Bailey’s Adventures in Berrima

“No happier or more adventurous child has ever been born!” The year is 1849. Nine-year-old Bunty Bailey lives with her family in the country town of Berrima, New South Wales, between Sydney and Canberra. Brave, adventurous, kind-hearted, every day brings a new adventure for Bunty as she explores the secret places around the growing township and neighbouring countryside. And real dangers abound! From the natural world to bushrangers and escaped convicts, Bunty will need all her courage to protect the lives of those around her. Excerpt WHERE TO BUY The Book Depository Barnes and Noble Angus & Robertson ...
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Opening a Window on Berrima’s Past

A number of books have been inspired by the charm of Berrima and her pioneers. My interest was sparked as a young girl visiting the village in the 1960s, being introduced to  part of our colonial history. It seems to me the streets, parks and old buildings held stories of a by-gone people and events that were waiting to be told. Some of these stories have been written in the book and are open to conjecture, despite researching to the best of my ability.  Opening a Window on Berrima's Past can be purchased from Berrima District Historical Society - ...
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