Ros Dale has spent much of her life in the Southern Highlands and has had a love of Berrima since she first saw it as a child as she traveled south in her parents car. Never realising she would eventually live in the district, let alone work for years in Berrima, Ros visited as often as possible. The old buildings and the potentially untold stories of peoples past shaped her interest and inspired her research of Berrima.

A turn of events led Ros to work at the gaol for fifteen years and her interest grew.

When the gaol closed in 2011, Ros started her own business as a historical and ghost tour operator in Berrima. She wrote two books about Berrima in 2013, which led to writing about Bunty in 2015 to educate children about life in 1849, showing the differences between then and now.

Ros is an activist for improving the fragile local environment that is at risk from pollution and coal mining. She is currently writing a biography of a famous Berrima resident.


The Old Bakery Cottage


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